Davis Enterprise: County health officials focus on helping seniors prevent falls

September 23, 2016

Most falls, according to the CDC, are the result of a combination of risk factors. The most common?

* Lower body weakness;
* Vitamin D deficiency;
* Difficulties with walking and balance;
* Use of medicines such as tranquilizers, sedatives or antidepressants, though even some over-the-counter medicines can affect balance and steadiness;
* Vision problems;
* Foot pain or poor footwear; and
* Home hazards or dangers such as broken or uneven steps, throw rugs or clutter that can be tripped over and no handrails along stairs or in the bathroom.

“The more risk factors a person has, the greater their chances of falling,” according to the CDC. “Health-care providers can help cut down a person’s risk by reducing the fall risk factors.”

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