Daily Democrat: Yolo officials work on compensating for cutbacks to senior services

February 21, 2017

Sheila Allen, executive director of the Yolo Health Aging Alliance, shared a report with supervisors describing gaps in care for the elderly, and said a “Collaboration Committee” of 32 different organizations was assembled to fill those gaps.

Allen — a deputy assistant to Supervisor Jim Provenza, who chairs the YHAA’s board of directors — also reported that “Recently, local health systems including Woodland Healthcare, Sutter Davis, Kaiser and UC Davis have joined the committee.”

On Tuesday, groups offering senior services were visually depicted as groups on a larger tree, and Allen zoomed in on various limbs of the tree to discuss what they were doing to work together in the face of a cutback in services.

According to the YHAA report, gaps in service include transportation needs and mental health care for seniors. Elder abuse, fraud and food insecurity also are concerns.

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