Winters Express: Winters to apply for AARP “age friendly” designation

June 14, 2018

Designation would also come with recognition by the World Health Organization, which would list Winters in a database of cities around the world that are also considered to be age-friendly communities.

Sheila Allen, a consultant with Yolo County, said city residents have already identified a number of concerns that could be improved through participation in the age-friendly communities program. Those areas include greater and safer access to local grocery stores, improved public transit and the development of new adult-friendly recreational and learning programs like yoga classes and computer skills training. Allen noted that the benefits will be felt by everyone, not just senior residents.

“The first official step [toward enrollment in the program] is for the mayor to send a letter to AARP,” Allen said in an interview on Monday. That process is still two weeks away from happening, but city leaders have already expressed interest in joining the program.

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