Strategic Plan

2017 Strategic Plan-Priority Areas




PROBLEM STATEMENT: There are not enough providers

Goal 1- Increase the number of knowledgeable and trained professionals for the diagnosis and treatment of dementia.

Strategy 1-Work with Alzheimer’s Association, Partnership Healthplan, Communicare, Sutter, Dignity and Kaiser health systems and UCD Alzheimer’s Disease Center to identify the appropriate assessment clinicians e.g: primary care physicians.

Strategy 2-Work with local educational institutions to include dementia and gerontology in their curriculum.

Strategy 3-Facilitate intern opportunities for students with the members of the YHAA Collaboration Committee.

Strategy 4-Annually recognize Yolo County individual or institution champions in the field of dementia care.


PROBLEM STATEMENT: Providers have difficulty recognizing dementia and implementing the appropriate interventions

Goal 2: Increase direct care providers’ ability to identify dementia and appropriately intervene.

Strategy 1- Identify who are the appropriate professionals or organizations to receive referrals.

Strategy 2- Partner with other appropriate organizations to develop workshops or educational series.  

Strategy 3- Educate ER staff and discharge planners/care coordinators.

Strategy 4-Educate police and first responders.

Strategy 5- Educate IHSS providers, other paid caregivers and family members.


PROBLEM STATEMENT: The public does not know the signs and symptoms of dementia and resources available.

Goal 3: Increase public and community awareness related to dementia and resources.

Strategy 1- Partner with Alzheimer’s Association, UC Davis School of Nursing and other appropriate organizations to develop a public health education campaign and local information sources.

Strategy 2- Educate community volunteers such as Meals on Wheels, Community Care Car and bus drivers, etc.

Strategy 3- Produce public service announcements.

Strategy 4-Investigate a local Silver alert system.


PROBLEM STATEMENT: There are insufficient programs for community based dementia care related services.

Goal 4:  Increase community based dementia care.

Strategy 1-Expand Adult Day Health and Adult Day Care programming to eliminate waitlists and expand geographic coverage.

Strategy 2-Advocate for additional funds for community based programs.




PROBLEM STATEMENT: There are insufficient housing options for persons with dementia in Yolo County.

Goal 1: There are sufficient and appropriate housing options for persons with dementia.  

Strategy 1: Identify need/demand for housing persons with dementia across a broad spectrum of financial means including “persons in the gap” (those not eligible for assistance programs yet with insufficient means to privately pay for their needs).

Strategy 2: Identify the current and near term supply of housing options.

Strategy 3: Identify innovative models that integrate housing and care models.

Strategy 4: Identify potential partners to advance the development of housing options for people with dementia.

Strategy 5: Develop permanent supportive housing options for persons with dementia (e.g: Adult Day Care).

Strategy 6: Connect people to existing services.


PROBLEM STATEMENT: There are insufficient housing options for low and moderate income older adults in Yolo County.

Goal 2: Increase the number of low and moderate income older adult housing options (type and number).

Strategy 1 – Identify appropriate person or organization to evaluate each city and unincorporated county jurisdiction’s older adult housing supply.

Strategy 2 – Identify and advocate for innovative housing models (e.g., “The Village” and co-location of social/health services in housing projects).

Strategy 3 – Partner and/or participate in a local housing summit.

Strategy 4 – Advocate for an older adult representative on Yolo Housing Board.


PROBLEM STATEMENT: There are an insufficient number of affordable Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) in Yolo County.

Goal 3: Expand the number of RCFEs in Yolo County.

Strategy 1 – Identify need/demand for RCFEs.

Strategy 2 – Identify the current supply of RCFE beds in Yolo County.

Strategy 3 – Work with Mental Health Services Act Innovation Grant workgroup to potentially utilize this funding source to expand RCFEs.

Strategy 4 – Investigate Assisted Living Waiver expansion into Yolo County.

Strategy 5 – Advocate for more streamlined process to expedite licensing.